The bachelor thesis is the final scientific-qualification written work of the bachelor study program.

It is about the inclusion of the studied issue during the first stage of higher education. The bachelor thesis defense is a part of the state exam.

Several types of methods can be used to work, either by:

  • questionnaire
  • observation
  • comparing the issue based on the knowledge of other authors.

The methodology used in the bachelor thesis is largely decided by the student of the first level of university studies, but in many cases he is also assisted by a trainer who has a lot of experience with the given issue.

The pitfalls of an incorrectly chosen methodology can cause the author of the bachelor thesis to come to a dead end and not be able to complete the relevant work. This happens, for example, in cases where the author of the bachelor thesis deals with still little explored issues, while choosing a method of comparing the knowledge of other authors. A similar problem may arise even if there are a number of conflicting conclusions and the listener does not have the appropriate options to determine the relevance of each result.

In such a case, it is more appropriate to address the issue by using the method of collecting the information of other authors, and based on the amount of relevant data it will be decided to proceed with the methodology it will use.

Bachelor thesis without research part

There are topics of bachelor thesis, when the problem is solved without the research itself. However, in the final works, the principle is that every final work should have scientific value and benefit.

While in many cases there is a considerable amount of knowledge in the field that the bachelor thesis addresses but is not systematically summarized, it is also of great benefit to summarize the data, using a methodology to summarize the analysis and separation of data that can then be used as relevant , proven by a sufficient number of authors and scientists.

The disadvantage of this method is the limitation of the author in some languages, when scientific results, respectively. the results of research work in a given language cannot be taken into account, and could often be the decisive factor for a more relevant conclusion to the issue. However, this does not change the fact that the given method of solving the bachelor thesis has a high level of benefit and therefore it is appropriate to use this method and methodology in solving the bachelor thesis. However, it is necessary to pay close attention to the analysis and selection of the resources used, best used by foreign-language authors from several countries.