Usage of Mobile Devices in Class

College teachers are continually battling with the usage of mobile phone devices in the classroom.

Students find ways to use their phones to chat, browse on the web, and post on social media when the lecturer is busy teaching.

Some of the learners go ahead and hide the cell phone devices on their open pockets or laps and continue using them after being prohibited. Hence, tutors are banning students from switching on their mobile phone devices since the result is that only a half or a quarter of the class will be paying attention during lecture time. Also, colleges are coming up with policies on the usage of phones, whereby learners are only allowed to use them during break times only.

Essential points on switching off your phone during lecture

  • Avoid getting distracted

When your mobile phone device is switched on, you are glued to checking on notifications that appear on the screen. Hence, you get distracted as you are trying to dig deep on the message from information on your device. Note that all your concentration will be on the phone throughout the lesson. One reply to a message from WhatsApp calls for response to the rest of the texts in the application. You won’t even notice that the professor has already covered a whole topic, and by the time you are trying to grasp something, the class is over. Also, you might encounter an image in your cell phone device that will keep you thinking about it for the rest of the class. Therefore, turning on your phone during class time is not necessary if you want to gain more knowledge on your course of study.

  • Portray respect

It is a show of disrespect when many of you are on your mobile phone devices while the lecturer is teaching and talking. Hence, you must express gratitude to the teacher, who is taking time to help you learn more details on a topic. Playing games with your cell phone device also disturb other pupils who are willing to learn from the teacher. Also, playing a video on your phone even when the sound is off will make your neighbor catch a glimpse. When the video is funny, you will all laugh, and that is disrespecting the presence of your professor and students.

  • Your grades are crucial

When you are on your phone during class time, your focus will be far from education. Hence, your grades will start to drop since you are learning little information while at school immensely. Also, if you stay on your mobile phone device during the day, you may use it in your study room; hence you end up not finishing your assignments. As the final exam approaches, you are faced with a lot of pressure as you are trying to understand your course work. Hence, while taking your tests, you have no idea about the answers, and more often, you will be tempted to cheat using the same type of devices.

H3 A wind-up on using Mobile Devices

As a student, you must follow all the rules and guidelines. Hence, if your teacher is against switching on your phone while in class, do not violate that rule.

Keep in mind that your lecturer is doing this so that you can focus on your studies, which is the main reason you are at college. Also, you are allowed to connect with your classmates when you are not on your device, especially when you are given a group project