What are the roles of university newspaper & radio in the life of students?

In universities, radio stations are mostly to pass across the information. Sometimes they are used for study sessions for some of the courses offered. To some point, the radio is for entertainment purposes. Here there are some of the students who are musicians, and by promoting them, they always have a chance to spread their art through the university radio stations.

As if that’s not enough, the radio stations are to pass announcements to the students. Using the radio is the easiest and fastest way to give information to a wide range of students for those within the school compound and outside. The radio weather news has enabled the farmers around the area to follow up on the weather conditions. The farmers have benefited from the news because the radio stations’ waves have reachable at a more extensive range where the community can access the news too.

The radio stations are also a point of interaction between the students. Here the students can interact through live calls and messages conversations. Through these conversations, the students can know more about what is going on around the institution situated comfortably in the hostels or rather rented houses. The new students are also able to get used to the institution faster, unlike knowing it by them. Lastly, some of the students tend to use radio stations to pull up their courage. Some excellent presenters are afraid and shy to be in front of the camera or a group of people. Being on a radio station makes them gain courage before they can be able to face the world.

The newspapers are other forms of passing daily, weekly or monthly reports to the students and the general community within the area. Sometimes the institution always addresses some issues like insecurity around the city to both the students and the community. Let’s say sometimes the papers are used as watchdogs within the institution as the wrongdoings of the teachers, students, and also the administration is also in specific pages.

Newspapers are also media used to clear the air for some issues arising in the institution. Are there http://web.uri.edu/assessment/files/Thesis-dissertation_defense_evaluation_Dec2011_GradCouncil.pdf misunderstandings or rumors circulating the institution? Publications are one of the Media used to keep the students informed. There are sometimes there are issues students need to know. The administration uses the newspapers to pass out the information to the students.

The newspaper is a source of income to institutions where the local businesses are given a section in the paper to advertise their businesses with a small fee. Using the newspaper as a source of income is an activity some of the newspaper clubs use to raise money for printing and publishing of the newspapers.